Purchasing products in our online store will be easy, comfortable and quick for you.

If during the process you come with any question, you have at your disposal our Customer Support Service for any question that you have:

Phone: +34 692 19 49 72

E-mail: info@itgirlbyizaskun.com

To make your purchase you can sign up as a client, this way we have the necessary data for contact, delivery and billing. The process is made filling the signup form and will only be necessary in your first purchase.

Do not worry about making this operation before beginning your purchase, the system will take care of asking your signup in the necessary moment.

From the signup, the system will grant you “User” and “Password” keys, which you’ll be able to use for following purchases and queries. In case of not remembering your password, press “Forgot my password” or get in contact with us and we’ll grant them to you.

The detailed steps of the purchase process are the following:


Select the desired product. Click on the “add to cart” button that follows the product. The chosen product will be added to your shopping cart (right of the page), where you’ll be able to indicate the number of units you desire. Repeat this operation with all those products that you wish to purchase. When you’ve added all the chosen products, access to the shopping cart (right of the page). If once in the shopping cart you wish to incorporate new products, simply click over “keep purchasing” and you’ll return to the product area of the store. If you wish for any product but can’t find it, get in contact with us through our customer support service and we’ll attend you gladly.


Select one of the payment methods that we offer you according to your needs.


Once ended all the purchase process, we’ll deliver to you an email to the email address that you’ve granted us, in which contains all the details of your order. Please, if you don’t receive it, get in contact with our

Customer Support Service.

In case of having chosen the payment by bank transfer we’ll indicate as well the bank account to which you can make the transfer.

To be able to speed up the activation of your purchase, take it to our Customer Support Service with the note of transfer, either by fax or either by email, specifying clearly your name and the order number that is indicated in the confirmation email.

The availability of products is tied to the store’s stock. If any product occasionally is found out of stock we’ll inform you immediately.