The delivery of orders will be made immediately when the payment is processed. It must be pointed out that from our Customer Support department we’ll keep you informed of the status during the preparation and the delivery as you demand through our trusted transport.

The cost of deliveries with destination to the Peninsula are calculated according to the order pricing.

In case of clients from the European Union, Balearic Isles and Canary Islands, due to their problematic logistics, it will be them who take care of deliveries, taxes and customs derivated from the importation of diverse articles. For that get in contact with us.

For deliveries that are not to destinations detailed previously we’ll make it to due means. In any case the goods will be insurance with the obligatory insurance established by law, according to the Organic Law of Transport (OLT). The delivery of orders will be made immediately after the payment has been processed.


A la hora de rellenar los datos de compra se contempla la posibilidad de enviarla a una dirección diferente a la de facturación.

For that, it will be enough by entering the address that you consider appropriate at the time of filling the data at the moment of signup and/or selecting the field “Use this address for billing as well”. By default it will be checkmarked and in case of not selecting it, the order receipt will not arrive to the destination, it will arrive to the purchaser.

To avoid incidences in the delivery (wrong addresses, impossibility of finding someone in the address, etc…) it is important to complete correctly the form, being obligatory the field relative to the contact phone.


The delivery date is of 3-4 days for all the national territory despite the majority of deliveries being made in 24-48 hours.

In case of any incident (delays, transport failures, etc.) the Customer Support Service will contact the buyer to notify him, with the purpose that the client decides if he still has interest in the order.

For any question or suggestion, you can get in contact with us through our customer support service and we’ll attend you shortly.


Depending on the place and delivery method selected or if the delivery meets with the free delivery conditions, the transport will be exempt of payment.